12 Nov 2019


I think years and years of life are making me a bitter person.

and social media, too.

I guess age doesn't make me wiser.

28 Oct 2019


Today I purposely choose this one particular cafe coz I feel like having their superb teh tarik.

And guess what

I accidentally ordered milo tarik.

Slap forehead.

Broken thing

Sometimes after a ‘hard’ feeding I look down and see my tortured, broken and tattered nipple.

Poor little thing.

Ko sabar jap ya.. less than 7 months je lagi 😂😂

1 Feb 2019

By the river Piedra i sat down and wept

As a first time mother to a standard 1 student, plus a pre-schooler and a baby, I realized mother's duty is never-ending. Forever and ever after. Inifinity times infinity. It's like when they got married we still gotta take care and hovering over their lives. 

I had lack of sleep since last Sunday because my baby is unwell. 

Every night I have to pack all kids' backpack, sort out Amna's school book according to timetable, sort their clothing, prepare Mateen's milk.

Last night I already broke down and wept. I honestly feel like taking a day off from mommy's duty.

Mateen and I
And I ended up asking my husband for help, and asked him to take over some part of the daily task. DELEGATE is the keyword.

Entertaining my 7 years old girl is also very tiring. I have a 7 years old teenager at home already! Not gonna look forward to the day she actually turns a teenager.

Plus the boyfriend problem. 

I am still feeling pretty much f*ed up from the lack of sleep. But yeah, life has to go on.

30 Jan 2019


When I scanned my house I saw mess everywhere.

How did my mother survived 7 children?

I think she is Superwoman.

While I am a Weakwoman ðŸ˜Ū😎ðŸĪ§

28 Jan 2019

Today’s purchase

Cleansing oil and I have came a long way.

The first cleansing oil I ever purchased was the Shu Uemura cleansing oil. Expensive. It get the things done.

And I tried many other brand as well.

But after I have too many kids too handle (I only have 3 haha) I opted for something simple - cleansing wipes and micellar water.

But i ended up not cleansing my face properly. I wear only light make up, some BB UV cream on daily basis. So normally I just got lazy to even wipes my face with micellar water.

So out of nowhere today I bought this Hada Labo oil. After seeing some instagrammer recommended it. So will i be so religious to use it? Let's wait and see.

My skin has changed from dry and sensitive to oily few months after I delivered baby no 3. Must be the hormone. But it feels kinda weird after 8 years of having a very dry skin suddenly it changes overnite after I had my first period after baby no 3. Berapa banyak after daa.. i experienced jerawat again. Something I don't particularly enjoyed. But having a dry skin is also not very fun.

Let's pray for the porcelain like skin that I have always wanted. ðŸĪŠ

Love, Q

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I feel exceptionally tired today. Probably because i did not get enough sleep last night.

Taip ni pun mata juling-juling dah.

Not gonna whine here. Though there’s a lot of thing to be whine about, but lot of things to be thankful as well.

Life, overall, is not that bad.